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The Specialty Crops Management Program is designed to provide training in management skills and production technology needed to achieve success in the production and sale of fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and other specialty crops.  The Specialty Crops Management Program is concerned with the development of a persons knowledge of economics, management, and scientific principles and using them in a profit oriented decision making process that enables them to meet their business and personal goals. 

The program provides training beginning with the planning phase of the business on through to the establishment and management of a successful business operation.  This includes market evaluation, crop selection, market development, and production techniques necessary for successful crop production.  The identification of an appropriate marketing strategy, establishment of a sound business plan, and effectively managing the entire process are all included in this comprehensive program. 

The program instruction is delivered to the student through a variety of methods.  The primary method is through individualized instruction at the students business.   The instructor meets with the students on a regular basis to evaluate the business and develop individual educational plans.  Instruction is also delivered in weekend conference settings, field trips, tours and telephone consultations.  Distance learning opportunities are presently being developed. 

The Speciality Crops Management Education Program is managed at the state level by the Director of Management Education Programs.
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